Online Papers and Audio

Some recent open access papers, reviews, and drafts:


Open Access review article on Adrian Johnston’s Prolegomena to Any Future Materialism.

Open access review article on Derrida’s The Death Penalty, Vol. 1.

Open access review in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews of Stielger and Technics (ed. G. Moore and C. Howells).

Audio recording of “Object Oriented Ontology: Timely Considerations,” National College of Art and Design, Dublin, March 2014.

Audio recording of “Lightness and Dark after the War on Terror,” Institute for Advanced Studies, Durham, February 2014.

“Deconstructive Realism: It’s about Time,Speculations: Journal of Speculative Realism (2013)

“Spinoza and the Biopolitical Roots of Modernity,” Angelaki: Journal of Critical Humanities, special issue on community (2013). (Draft here.) The audio recording at the University of West Sydney.

Meillassoux’s Speculative Politics: Time and the Divinity to Come,Analecta Hermeneutica, special issue on Continental Philosophy of Religion (2013)

Audio recording of “An Apocalyptic Anti-Apocalypticism: Thinking What Will Have Been of Bill Martin’s Ethical Marxism,” followed by a response by Bill Martin, Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, November 2012.


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