Month: December 2019

Listening to Your Book — Craig Willse with Good Advice on Writing your First Academic Book

Finally, this book is for you. It’s not for your former adviser, it’s not for your tenure committee, it’s not for that jerk at the conference who showed up late to your panel and then dismissed your entire project. Yes, it is for your readers, but don’t they deserve a book that you love and believe in? I know a book captivates me most when I can palpably feel the author’s urgency and enthusiasm rippling across its pages.

Source: Listening to Your Book — CRAIG WILLSE

London Review of Books – new website and open access until 15 January 2020 via Progressive Geographies

Undecided on what books to read during break? Why not dive into LRB’s archive of articles while deciding:

For a full calendar month, there won’t be a paywall of any kind anywhere on the site. This means that not only all 24 of this year’s issues, but also our entire archive, dating back to 25 October 1979 and containing almost 17,500 articles, will be free to read, for everyone, without limits, until midday on Wednesday 15 January. Merry Christmas!Where to start? Why not on our new subject hub pages, where you’ll find selections of some of the best pieces we’ve published, as well as other curated collections of brilliant articles linked by particular themes.

Source: London Review of Books – new website and open access until 15 January 2020 | Progressive Geographies