A Second Edition of Jeff Malpas’s Place and Experience…

Comes out next month. It has a new preface by Ed Casey and important new discussions that make it worth a look, even if you have the first edition. The 1st edition was an achievement of securing a “spatial turn” in those borrowing on Continental thought and Jeff’s work always manages clarity without forsaking insightful renditions of the thinkers he’s engaging. I was glad to read a pre-publication version of it early last fall and it’s worth your time: before the realist turn (and outliers like Badiou), of course, every thinker in the Continental tradition can be thought as a thinker of place after Heidegger (what else is context in Derrida or a milieu in Foucault? Considerations of race or patriarchy in our given place and time?) and Jeff sets out the stakes well, while showing how a certain thinking of place can lead to the worst (blood and soil), there is nevertheless a democratic thinking of place towards which his thinking points.

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