Where I’ll be tomorrow

Two days here in Munich on Continental Realisms, with a good range of thinkers:


Ray Brassier (American University of Beirut)
Dominik Finkelde (Munich School of Philosophy)

Markus Gabriel (University of Bonn)
Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England)

Peter Gratton (Memorial University)
Johannes Hübner (University of Halle)
Andrea Kern (University of Leipzig)
Anton Friedrich Koch (University of Heidelberg) Martin Kusch (University of Vienna)
Paul Livingston (University of New Mexico)
Sebastian Rödl (University of Leipzig)
Dieter Sturma (University of Bonn)

Next Tuesday, I’ll be a half hour away in Augsburg giving a lecture Tuesday evening, then later a block seminar on Heidegger/Arendt on world and nature.


    1. Hopefully. I’ll probably put up my own talk, but there were great one throughout the two days.

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