Society and Space forum on Social Reproduction

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Forum Contributions

A. Queering Social Reproduction 

Queer Social Reproduction: Co-Opted, Hollowed Out, and Resilient
Nathaniel Lewis

Queering Social Reproduction, or, How Queers Save the City
Max Andrucki

The political economy of gay sex under homonormativity: bareback, PrEP and welfare provision
Cesare Di Feliciantonio

Queering the maternal?: Unhinging supremacist geographies of the Machine, markets, and recreational pleasure
Heidi J. Nast

Queering Social Reproduction: UK Male primary carers reconfiguring care and work
Eleni Bourantani

B. Paid and Unpaid Labor 

(Re)production: Everyday life in the workers’ dormitory
Hannah Schling

Charity? Ally-ship? Solidarity? Exploring racial tensions in collectivized caregiving
Sarah Stinard-Kiel

Unionizing for the Necessity of Social Reproduction
Yui Hashimoto and Caitlin Henry

“Ain’t no life for a mother!” Racial capitalism and the crisis of social reproduction
Carrie Freshour

C. Health and Nature – available after November 14, 2017

Worms and workers: Placing the more-than-human and the biological in social reproduction
Will McKeithen and Skye Naslund
“Re-wilding” the Body in the Anthropocene and Our Ecological Lives’ Work
Chelsea Leiper
Making fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) work: Multiple temporalities and social reproduction in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
Tara Cater
Paul S.B. Jackson