Lecture on Khôra, Place, and Metaphysics

Here is an audio of my keynote at the University of Windsor this past weekend. I had a wonderful reception (actually that’s a key term I take up), and I should say that from the undergraduates to the graduate students to the faculty, it showed itself to be an excellent philosophical community. In some sense, even as I don’t lean on Derrida’s own writings on khôra all that much (I quote him once only to say there is more to Plato than Platonism), one could say this paper would head toward something like a “deconstructive” thinking of place already available in Plato, despite what figures from Aristotle to Plotinus to Heidegger would have one believe. Ultimately I try to show this realist thinking of place offers a “democratic,” open thinking of place always open to thinking it otherwise, over and against the dogmatic, reactionary thinking of place one often finds within various nationalisms, thinkers of blood and soil, and so on.

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