Kant and Education Conference at MUN this week


Schedule below. I’ll be giving a response to two papers historicizing Kant’s categories and on his geography, before heading off to Poland for a couple of talks:

Conference Programme-19-20 May, 2016

AA320 Arts and Administration


Thurs May 19th -Morning Session


0830-0900 Registration


0900-0930 Opening Remarks


0930-1145 Keynote Address: Walter Okshevsky, Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Diamonds in the Rough: The Educational Import of Kant’s Transcendental Moral Theory””

0930-1145 Respondent: Chris Martin, University of British Columbia
0930-1145 Discussion


Thurs May 19th -Afternoon Session


1300-1500 Graduate Student Workshops
1300-1500 Paper One: Shannon O’Rourke, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Education and Anthropology: A pragmatic approach

1300-1500 Paper Two: Vahid J, Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Logic of Kant’s Positive Education

1300-1500 Respondent: Jay Foster, Memorial University of Newfoundland
1300-1500 Discussion


1500-1515 Afternoon Break and Refreshments


1515-1715 Graduate Student Workshops
1515-1715 Paper One: Sarah Messer, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Kant, Education, and the Physical Geography

1515-1715 Paper Two: David Tracey, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Education, Memory, Unification: just how necessary is the a priori?

1515-1715 Respondent: Peter Gratton, Memorial University of Newfoundland
1515-1715 Discussion


1800- Supper


Kant and Education


Conference Programme-19-20 May, 2016

AA320 Arts and Administration


Fri May 20th -Morning Session


0930-1145 Keynote Address: Prof. Robert Louden, Southern Maine University

“Becoming Human: Kant’s Philosophy of Education and Human Nature”

0930-1145 Respondent: Joel Madore, Memorial University of Newfoundland
0930-1145 Discussion


1145-1300 Lunch


Fri May 20th-Afternoon Sessions


1300-1500 Paper Presentation: James Scott Johnston, Memorial University of Newfoundland:

“Kant and Prejudice, or the Mechanical Use of Reason”

1300-1500 Respondent: Suma Rajiva, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Respondent: Paul Abela, Acadia University

1300-1500 Discussion


1500-1530 Afternoon Break and Refreshments


1530-1730 Paper Presentation: Margo Kondratieva, Memorial University of Newfoundland:

“The Kantian Notion of Schema and Mathematics Education.”

1530-1730 Respondent: Jay Foster, Memorial University of Newfoundland
1530-1730 Discussion


1800- Supper at Joel Madore’s