Michael Naas’s Recent Talk at MUN

We recorded Michael’s talk, which is available as an .mp3 here. Since apparently, there’s oddball swipes about how philosophy is to be done, today and every day, Michael’s talk to a packed room shows what I tried to learn from him as his student at DePaul: he provides a wide-ranging discussion of Plato’s notions of life (depicting three categories: “bare life,” political or communal life, and “real life”) that is part of a larger project of his on Plato’s Statesman. This obviously will impact an entire tradition of Platonism after him and could be used, as we discussed afterward, to push back against such uses of the “form of life” in such figures as Agamben. It was a tour de force, where one could pick up certain influences, such as Derrida, but one which left our classics people quite thrilled with the care and erudition.

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