Willful Subjects reviewed at Hypatia


Coming out of and refocusing parts of her earlier work, in Willful Subjects, Ahmed’s “willfulness archive” draws new attention to what remains one of the most pervasive phenomenological challenges of feminist, queer, and queer feminist lives.  Using an inter-imbricative[i] style of writing and thinking, Ahmed “follows” will around, collecting various ways of will by noting when will arises (and is judged to have arisen), in what form, and through its relations of allegiance and opposition. Will emerges as often unexpected and pressing, as that which at once draws attention to itself, unbidden by others, unintended by oneself, and–potentially–highlighting the background against which it appears. Ahmed’s “following” reveals why and how will is so intimately related to selfhood and individuality, all the while troubling orthodox Western views of selfhood and individuality as expressions (and suppressions) of will as intention.

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