Month: July 2015

Stanford’s Friedrich Nietzsche Series

I was discussing today with Alan Shrift the series that he heads up at Stanford, The Complete Works of Friedrich Nietzsche. If you’re teaching Nietzsche–and I only knew of one of these volumes–these are new translations really improve on existing versions, and they will also be translating his notebooks and other ancillary writings. It’s quite a project.

Henri Lefebvre, open access in Antipode – ‘The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology’

39078-1Hot off the press this week we have something special courtesy of Stuart Elden (University of Warwick) and Adam David Morton (University of Sydney) – a translation (by Warwick’s Matthew Dennis) of Henri Lefebvre’s 1956 essay ‘Théorie de la rente foncière et sociologie rurale’ / ‘The Theory of Ground Rent and Rural Sociology’.

La renta de la tierra 5 ensayosIt was first published in the Transactions of the Third World Congress of Sociology, and later reprinted in Lefebvre’s Du rural à l’urbain (1970/2001). There are two Spanish translations available, in La renta de la tierra (1983) and De lo rural a lo urbano (1971), and this is the first time it has been available in English.

De lo rural a lo urbanoAs Stuart and Adam note in their introduction, ‘Thinking Past Henri Lefebvre’, Lefebvre will be known to most geographers for his prodigious work on everyday life, the city / urban society, the production of…

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