Simeon Wade (ed.) Chez Foucault – the 1978 fanzine with a 1976 interview with Foucault

Some people accuse certain journals of just being fanzines for Derrida or Heidegger or whomever. Well this is an actual fanzine for Foucault circa almost 40 years ago.

Progressive Geographies

Chez FoucaultBack in December I posted about an elusive publication which contained a 1976 discussion with Foucault which appeared in Chez Foucault, Los Angeles: Circabook, 1978, pp. 4-22. While this text is translated into French for Dits et écrits (online here), I wanted to find the original. Dits et écrits describes the publication this way – “The Circabook is a sort of campus polycopié” – a handout or pamphlet, a mimeograph, effectively a fanzine. I could find no library that has a copy. Well now I have a scanned copy, thanks to the kindness of a reader. And it’s available to download here – an interesting document and the only English source of this interview.

Some other hard-to-find pieces are collected here; a few I’m still looking for are listed here.

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