Jean-Luc Nancy defends Black Notebooks editor in Faust

There has been something of a dust-up where the editor of the Black Notebooks has been attacked by Friedrich Wilhelm von Herrmann, Heidegger’s last private assistant and chief editor of the Gesamtausgabe. Peter Trawny last year published Heidegger und der Mythos der jüdischen Weltverschwörung (2014), which is anything but an anti-Heideggerian screed. Hermman claims Trawney is merely attacking Heidegger as part of the times–rather than, you know, reacting to some rather horrific prose. Nancy had previously discussed the Black Notebooks last summer here (thanks to Marie-Eve Morin and others on FB for the links) and in this piece (German on top; French original [with some errors] below) defends Trawney against the claim that he is unphilosophical, etc.

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