Badiou’s supposed travel diary from New Zealand

Here.  “He” provides some notes on his lecture there as well as some comments on the scenery. There’s this nice nugget:

My work always depends on a principle of French Philosophy of maximizing obscurity: never say clearly what you can say much more obscurely. Being obscure can make you famous and give you lots of interpreters. If one is clear, no one cares…. Now maximize obscurity and say: the possible is made so by the real of the impossible. Voilà! The impossible makes the possible! This is the delicious dialectic of the possible and the impossible.  It is the beauty of French philosophy that it makes the totally obscure dialectic as clear as crystal. Merde!


  1. This seems to be a parody by Robert Nola (the supposed translator), as the sprinkling of comedy-French throughout suggests: “Mon Dieu! Here I am in New Zealand. It is Paradise as we say in France! And it must be since here they think that I am the world’s greatest living philosopher. Which I am of course, c’est vrai!’

    1. Yup Anna. It’s a parody. But the last bit on being the world’s greatest philosopher is a bit close to Badiou’s opening to the English preface to Being and Event.

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