Academic Publisher Tries to Silence Debate on Academic Publishing

This is obviously troubling. And no doubt this shows Taylor and Francis–at least those who were behind this–don’t get academics or even media 101: far more people have now noticed this than would have otherwise and it demonstrates some of the very problems the issue set out to highlight.

Daily Nous

An article in Times Higher Education reports that the editorial board of the journal of Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, has threatened to resign. Why? The journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, delayed the publication of a special issue of Prometheus on the topic of academic publishing and profits and made changes to the issue’s articles, including removing the names of academic publishers. The publisher also inserted a disclaimer alongside the main article, saying that “the accuracy of the content should not be relied upon”. (via Sam Liao)

Taylor & Francis publish many philosophy journals. Any editors care to weigh in on this?

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