New Open Access Journal in Postcolonial Literary Theory

The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry. Here’s the rationale from the introduction by Ato Quayson, Debjani Ganguly and Neil ten Kortenaar:

Thus the primary rationale for launching the Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Inquiry (PLI) at this conjuncture is to restore literature, aesthetics, and close textual engagement—rhetorical, narratological and tropological—to the center of postcolonial critical inquiry, not as ancillary concerns. This is no mere exercise in inversion (i.e., from text to context and now back to text), but a serious calibration of the erstwhile hermeneutic strengths of the field and a conscious attempt to bring them to the fore. To read literature as nonancillary is not, however, to read it autonomously of other things: quite the opposite. It is rather to attend to the granularity of texts as well as their historicity in the manner that the best postcolonial literary critics have shown us. What constitutes a thorough postcolonial hermeneutics of reading will be central to the concerns of this journal and contributions will be actively encouraged to engage such questions.