For those around MUN–Petition Time

SNtDdtoAgHLgTSa-556x313-noPadPlease consider signing this petition, as described below. For some reason the Senate pushed through, without all the usual debate up and down to the colleges, an allowance for those in the police program to carry guns to all of their classes (they do not just take police-related courses).  There is simply no reason for allowing definitionally un- or under-trained students to carry guns to class, and there’s no doubt the effect it would have on other students attending courses. (This is not to say I want armed police officers on campus either. Recall St. John’s police only in recent times began carrying firearms on a normal basis.)  Here is the message from Steve Crocker (Sociology):

Dear Colleagues,

I have started a petition at to ask the Senate to prohibit ALL students, including on-duty student police officers from bringing weapons to class. The petition is available at the following address:

If you paste the address provided above into your browser, it will take you to the petition. You will find there an explanation of the reasons for the petition which is a slightly revised version of the letter I circulated to you all on Monday.

The petition itself reads:

“I am opposed to the decision made at your November 12, 2013 meeting to revise calendar regulation 8.4 in order to allow student police officers to bring loaded weapons to class. Please reverse the decision to insure that ALL students, including on-duty student police officers are prohibited from bringing weapons to class.”
You will be asked to sign the petition by providing a name and an email address. A copy of the petition with your name and email address will then be sent to Shelia Singleton, Secretary of Senate.
This will only take a minute of your time and will send a powerful message to Senate.

Please circulate the petition as widely as possible to other faculty, students, staff, and anyone with an interest in Memorial. If any of you are on Facebook, Twitter or other social media I encourage you to circulate it there as well.

Thank you for giving this important matter your attention.