My Talk in Dublin Last Night

It was wonderful to meet some good friends in Dublin–a really incisive collective of people. (Greatly, Paul Ennis turned out to be as nihilistic and funny as I found him in email contact.) Paul suggested I give a talk to the (mostly) art students on object oriented ontology, in which they were interested, and it was an excellent crowd. I borrowed a bit from a chapter on that in Speculative Realism: Problems and Prospects, but also moved out the paper as much as I could for ad hoc comments. Here is the audio. In the beginning, I’m really in front of the audience pointing to this diagram and working through it:



Thank you to Fintan Neylon for setting this up. There’s a good scene there in Dublin and I miss it already. (Also there are references to Deleuze: I came to an earlier reading group where some people in the audience were discussing bodies without organs, and so I make note of that.)


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    Useful summary of Harman’s philosophy, followed fundamental criticisms concerning the unreality of time and the absence of method in Harman’s system.

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