Month: December 2013

Issue 6 out | Society and Space – Environment and Planning D

Eradicating bodies in invasive plant management 951 – 968 Jennifer Atchison, Lesley Head
Remapping the border: geospatial technologies and border activism 969 – 987 James Walsh
Mobilising the child victim: the localisation of human trafficking in Singapore through global activism 988 – 1003 Sallie Yea
Arab Springs making space: territoriality and moral geographies for asylum seekers in Italy 1004 – 1021 Glenda Garelli, Martina Tazzioli
Interstitial metamorphoses: informal urbanism and the tourist gaze 1022 – 1040 Ross King, Kim Dovey
Rome’s pasts and the creation of new urban spaces: brecciation, matter, and the play of surfaces and depths 1041 – 1061 Nadia Bartolini
Converting houses into churches: the mobility, fission, and sacred networks of evangelical house churches in Sri Lanka 1062 – 1075 Orlando Woods
Domestic lighting and the off-grid quest for visual comfort 1076 – 1090 Phillip Vannini, Jonathan Taggart
Imageability and form in the Grande Bibliothèque du Québec: the baroque as a more-than-representational technique toward the paradoxical particularity of experience in space 1091 – 1108 Sean Robertson
Building type production and everyday life: rethinking building types through actor-network theory and object-oriented philosophy 1109 – 1124 Mattias Kärrholm

Review essay: The Beast and the Sovereign, Biopolitics and Derrida’s Menagerie 1125 – 1133 Claire E Rasmussen

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