Dark Ecologies responds to my piece in Analecta Hermeneutica

Here. I don’t have anything to add, except to say this is why I’m trying to keep my publications more and more not behind some pay wall, and Dark Ecologies follows nicely the argument I was building. My open access works get cited far more, and it’s not just the citations, but the quality of the encounters that are better. Sean McGrath, my colleague, two months ago told me the stats on each article in the last AH. I had been thinking of pulling one of my articles (the Meillassoux one, since I wouldn’t think of pulling the one on James Bradley) for perhaps another journal (though it should be noted AH is peer-reviewed). Then I was heard the stats and I was like, well, much better to be read.

In any case, I also have another piece on Meillassoux soon out in Speculations, another open access journal.

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  1. DE is becoming my go to critic and I was pleased to see his usual productive engagement focused this time on/with your work, and thank you for your contributions to and support for those of us who care about such matters but work outside of the paywall.

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