Dan Smith at MUN this week.

Really looking forward to this:

This week, Daniel Smith (Purdue University) will give the fifth Bradley Memorial Lecture, “Time, Truth, and Thought.

Thursday, January 24, 5-6:30 PM, Room: A-1046.

Abstract: This paper will examine the intersecting of the themes of temporality and truth in the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. For the ancients,truth was something eternal: what was true was true in all times and in all places. Temporality (coming to be and passing away) was the realm of the mutable, not the eternal. In the seventeenth century, change began to be seen in a positive light (progress, evolution, etc.), but this change was seen to be possible only because of the immutable laws of nature that govern change. Deleuze argues that it was in Kant that a revolution took place in the conception of time, which Deleuze will take up and explore in his own manner. On the one hand, in Deleuze, time, freed from its subordination to movement, now becomes autonomous: it is the pure form of change (continuous variation) that lies at the basis of Deleuze’s metaphysics inDifference and Repetition (and is explored more thematically in The Time-Image). As a result, on the other hand, the false, freed from its subordination to the form of the true, assumes a power of its own (the power of the false), which in turn implies a new “analytic of the concept” that Deleuze develops in What is Philosophy?
Dan will also be our guest presenter at the Jockey Club on Friday, Jan 25 and has suggested that we look at a piece by Ian Hacking, “Making Up People“.
We are meeting, as per usual, at 5:00 PM, Peter Easton Pub. 

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