Jockey Club to meet today instead

Given the stopping of the whole city yesterday–where most of us didn’t have electric–we will have the meeting today at the Peter Easton. Brian happened to give a great paper at the Pub during the blizzard on Thursday, and I expect a lot of that conversation to continue. From Gil Shalev:

Our visitor, Dr. Brian Henning, was scheduled to fly out today but the YYT is still not in full operation and his flight has been pushed to tomorrow. Seeing that he is still with us for another day, we are going to try and and take advantage of this situation and hold yesterday’s scheduled Jockey, today. I know it is rather ‘last minute’ folks, but we are trying to make the best out of this ‘weather-mess’. If you can make it, that will be great.
So, today January 12, 5PM at Peter Easton Pub.
The AN Whitehead chapter from Process and Reality is still up on my google docs. Please see here: