Jockey Club and JIm Bradley Talk this week at Memorial

From Gil Shavel:

The weeks slotted for ‘The Bradley Memorial Lectures in Speculative Philosophy’, visiting speakers will, generally, also introduce a paper for the Jockey Club on that Friday. The next lecture will be this Thursday, November 15, given by Prof. Dr. Guenter Zoeller of the University of Munich., ‘Church and State: Schelling’s Political Philosophy of Religion’. 
Again, that is Thursday, Nov. 15, 7:00 – 8:30 PM,  AA-1046.  If you have not yet had a chance to look at the Lecture Series schedule, it is available here:
For Jockey Club on Friday, Nov. 16Professor Zoeller has chosen a piece byBenjamin ConstantThe Liberty of the Ancients Compared With That of the Moderns.” (Speech given at the Athenee Royal, Paris 1819).  [Taken from, Benjamin Constant, Political Writings, Cambridge University Press, 1988] We are meeting at the Peter Easton Pub, 5:00 PM.
PDF of the essay has been uploaded and is available for viewing/printing here:
We have had a great couple of recent meetings at the Peter Easton Pub, and it will interesting to see what our speakers in the JMB series and our George Storey Award speaker, Stuart Elden, choose for discussion at the weekly (quite informal) Jockey Club. This is a great year for talks at Memorial, not including many of our own who will be speaking in the Winter Colloquium Series, which is a weekly set of talks this year around the question “What is Metaphysics?” It’ll be a busy year at Memorial on campus, particularly the winter, but this is the kind of “busy” one can only hope for.