Bill Martin Scholar’s Panel

Last week I recorded the session on Bill Martin‘s work. Here is the link to the audio. I presented my paper, “An Apocalyptic Anti-Apocalypticism: Thinking What Will Have Been of Bill Martin’s Ethical Marxism,” followed by a response by him that is pure Bill. He gives his own intellectual trajectory, talks a bit of the effects of a bike accident that almost took his life last year, and then discusses where he thinks his work is going. My own task was to pull the red thread on Bill’s thinking of the future as it works its way from his earliest work to his last, which I then end by discussing the central sections of Ethical Marxism (2008) on the plight of the animal.

Bill and I plan to do an interview soon for Society and Space‘s open site and there I’ll do a better job of giving an overview of his intellectual trajectory, before turning to crucial questions his work continues to raise. Bill was my teacher and one of my readers for my dissertation, and it’s a rare but wonderful opportunity in academia to get to discuss the ways someone important to you has, well, been important to you.

And given the theme of my talk and Bill’s love for Yes, here’s a youvideo to go along with the lecture:

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