Speculative Metaphysics MUN Series to Begin this Tuesday

Memorial Philosophy is hosting a series of talks (about nine this year) on metaphysics in memory of our former, long-term chair Jim Bradley. As we get final okays, I’ll announce the coming talks. Should be a great year–lot’s of great scholars coming to MUN, to be capped by Stuart Elden’s (perhaps not-as-speculative-metaphysical) George Storey Lectures in late March. The first talk is informal, with long-time MUN professor Peter Harris kicking off the series. Here is the announcement:

Tuesday, October 30th marks the inaugural of The Bradley Memorial Lecture in Speculative Philosophy:
The Bradley Memorial Lecture in Speculative Metaphysics
Time: 5 p.m.-7 p.m.
Location: Junior Common Room, R. Gushue Hall
Description: Inaugural lecture by Dr. Peter Harris. This lecture series will explore and develop those philosophical questions and theories that the late Professor James Bradley described as “speculative.” Given his belief that metaphysical concerns hold implications not only for academic philosophy  but for questions of western politics and culture generally, these lectures are open to all. Please join us in remembering Professor Bradley and continuing the conversation that was so central to his life.