Three Weeks until Australia

I’ll be leaving for Canberra, Australia, as part of the ANU Humanities Centre Fellowship, where the theme of my work will be Ecological Enlightenment (at least, that’s the nominal theory of fellowship). In addition to usual work that springs up, my focus will be on neo-Spinozistic accounts of nature, in particular as they relate to concepts of time. Along the way, I have to finish an MS on speculative realism, and I’ll focus my work at ANU on a chapter on relating SR to the immanentist accounts of nature. My surmise is that the latter rises and falls on dubious modalities of time–but no matter, an exciting trip to have a few months just to plug away at important (to me, at least) work…


  1. Have a wonderful time in Canberra. I hope you have a chance to meet Matthew Abbot while you are there–first rate scholar with shared interests.

    1. Thanks Peg–really late reply. I’ll get in touch with him in Sydney.

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