I’ll be moving this summer over to Memorial University’s Philosophy Department. I’m quite excited by the changes. Memorial is about to begin offering a Ph.D. in philosophy (it already has a strong MA program), specializing in Continental, and I join an exciting department headed by Jim Bradley and includes Peter Trnka, Sean McGrath, and others known on the continental circuit. They are a busy department, with weekly reading groups (even going during the summer), with faculty and students all joining in.

Thus, if you intend to get in touch with me, best to use my gmail account: pmgratton[@]….

While I’m at it, I’ll honored to be in Australia for part of next Spring/Summer on a research fellowship at Australia National University’s Humanities Research Centre. The theme of the fellowship is on ecology and my focus will be on connecting my work on time to other fellows’ work on ecology—so look for more here next year on that point (and please feel free to send along ideas!). And many thanks to peeps in the blogosphere, such as Tim Morton, who have already been adding their thoughts on blogs about these concepts.


  1. Congrats on the new position, Peter. St John’s is a great little town… Given your eco- interests (which I note from your Australian fellowship), you may wish to look up my friend (environmental historian) John Sandlos in the History Dept. All the best in Canada’s newest province… Adrian

  2. Thanks. It’s always a leap when one takes a position: I visited SD for the first (and only) time for a couple of days before deciding to move there; now I’ve done something similar with St. John’s, though I do have vague memories of Newfoundland as a child. That said, it looks gorgeous and the clear air (when not foggy, which has the upshot of someone in So.Cal. of not being smoggy) makes it a beautiful little city. Living somewhere is always different, but I feel already at home, as far as that can go at this stage, with the department: the reading group pick for this week is on Agamben, which obviously is rare enough in phil departments.

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