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Today, I’m in Wisconsin, set to give a talk tomorrow on Foucault’s genealogies of power in the mid-70s, but also getting on-the-ground discussions of Gov. Walker’s union-busting and the political movement created to confront it. For now, here are some links:

1. What is it Like to be a Woman in Philosophy? is now taking (horrifying) stories again. Feminist Philosophers also announced a sister site about what’s being done about what it’s like to be a woman in philosophy.

(Here’s one thing being done: New APPS has this post, which is covered in Inside Higher Ed here).

(Also, here’s ideas for not having a gendered conference. I should also note those are good ideas simply for, say, young grad students who happen to have an infant son and a working partner–as I once was. Conferences are still run as if children take care of themselves and men should have no role in it anyway.)

2. No Border Metaphysics has an update on Badiou’s recent lectures at the École Normale.

3. On Monday at Cornell, someone raised the brief letters exchange between Agamben (his letter) and Arendt (her letter). Nothing too special, I should note, in light of Arendt’s astounding letter correspondences.

4. Brian Leiter has this report on another threatened closing of a philosophy program, this time at Greenwich.

5. Speaking of Agamben, here’s a podcast of his recent talk (via Infinite Thought), “What is a Commandment?” which should go well with his recently translated book on the origin of the oath.

6. Nina Power has an article at Stir on “Mastering Masterlessness,” concerning Rancière and Jacotot.

7. Harvard University’s Peter Godfrey-Smith at Academic Minute takes a minute to think about philosophy and the octopus.

8. Shocking news that as the University of Phoenix has begun to try to teach its students anything to get regulators off its back, its stock has dropped.

9. Speaking of Infinite Thought, she posts links to a bunch of interesting podcasts (I’ll presume they’re interesting, since I have to download them still) from CREMP.

10. Buying back in on PIC: Devin Shaw has his PIC conference round-up here. (I wouldn’t say I’m critiquing equality, just certain concepts of it in the name of another equality to come.) Critical Animal discusses PIC here.



  1. I suppose that wasn’t clear about equality: I meant the critique that proceeds once one takes egalitarian or real equality (in Rancière’s sense, although with a nod to Miguel Abensour we might say “insurgent” equality) seriously. So the critique aims at concepts of formal equality and the rejection of real equality.

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