And the Fourth Reason?

Scu has a post replying to Morton’s own post on the link between the new materialisms and speculative realism and Marxism. He presents three, the tantalizingly leaves the number “4),” which is left blank. No doubt, he meant me to fill this in:

4) The fourth thing to mention would be not that Marxists (whoever they are) and realists (same) and materialists (double same) may not even be crossing over. It’s not for reasons of allergies or what-have-you but simply that people in the academy (I know, this comes as a shock) may not read often what is new in other domains until it reaches a certain critical mass. But last year as I was discussing Jane Bennett’s work with some RPR peeps, there wasn’t an allergy, and I think the Duke University collection now out from Duke on the new materialisms will broaden the field.




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