Random Links

1. Here’s an online poll about moving the timing of the APA-East. While I don’t like the timing right after the holidays (it does seem designed to give lonely philosophers an excuse to get away from their families…), it is the time each year when I’m in New York with family, so I’m biased toward the timing of the conference, which is usually in the Northeast and thus saves what would be another flight from the West

2. Another link via Feministphilosphers, here’s a story on students lying on course evaluations.

3. Meet the nefarious, clearly dangerous individual that UK police needed to take down right away…

4. Adriaan Peperzak’s To The Other: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas, originally published in 1992, is now online (okay, online in a no-copyright-infringement sort of way), with an update of a couple of chapters.

5. Some advice (via Stuart Elden) for PhD students.

6. John David Edbert has a review of Slojterdijk’s latest book to be translated in English.

7. The International Journal of Postgraduate Philosophy is online with a special issue on Continental philosophy. Gail Weiss is among those with good articles included.

8. CREMP has online a series of lectures on Foucault’s 1982-3 course.

9. Benoît Dillet has a short piece up that summarizing Roberto Esposito’s work on community.