Can We Just Put a Cloth on Them when Tourists Go By?

Apparently, the way the New York Times is reacts to the problem of tens of thousands of homeless in LA is that it’s just wrecking the day for privileged tourists. First the headline:

Los Angeles Seeks to Shed Homelessness Reputation

Yes, it’s the reputation that is the problem. Here’s how the writer Adam Nagourney frames his article:

Part of the impetus for this most recent flurry of attention is concern in the business and political communities that the epidemic is threatening to tarnish Los Angeles’s national image and undercut a campaign to promote tourism, particularly in downtown, which has been in the midst of a transformation of sorts, with a boom of museums, concert halls, restaurants, boutiques, parks and lofts.

This tells you a lot about what you need to know about LA’s “business and political communities.” Also note, I put that headline up for the post before noticing that the actual picture in the article has a homeless person covered as people walk by.