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Here is the petition in support of the Howard University Philosophy Department, which Anita Silvers, with whom I’ll be serving in the APA’s Committee on Inclusion in the Profession, was kind enough to let me know about. I’ve send a snail mail letter, but there’s also an email address as well. She also writes:

Letters/emails to President Ribeau also may be very helpful.  His addresses (snailmail and cyberspace) are:
Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau, President
Howard University
2400 6th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20059

Letter-writers might do well to stress both the virtues of Howard’s own Philosophy Department (and the importance to Howard of its continued existence) but also the central importance to the profession of having Howard maintain its philosophy department.  Philosophy students at Howard have set up the following website with more information:
“Save Philosophy at Howard”

President Ribeau will announce his decision on December 1, so it’s important to take action writing to President Ribeau and signing the petition now (although as David Schrader points out, such decisions sometimes are rescinded if public pressure is maintained).

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