Sports Update

The strange thing about sports in San Diego is not that the team has rarely won (Chicago shared that), but that the Padres don’t even get the lovable loser type of fans. They’re winning this year and yet, they still always managed to get overshadowed:

Aroldis Chapman(notes) was summoned from the bullpen one batter too late to make a difference in the game. No matter. The 22-year-old Cincinnati Reds left-hander made do by making history Friday night, throwing the fastest pitch recorded in a major league game, a 105-mph fastball.

Ardolis Chapman’s 25 pitches on Friday night (each registering 100 mph or faster, including his record-breaking 105 mph heater) must have been a blur to Padres batters.

The blazing pitch pushed a white-hot pennant race to the back burner. Yes, the San Diego Padres won the game 4-3 to pull ahead of the Atlanta Braves in the National League wild-card race. … blah blah…

And the guy’s a lefty. I do miss playing ball. My brother and I used to throw pitches back and forth for hours when I was kid, working on curves and other junk balls. My curve got really good, and my brother just chucked the heat up there. I got so used to catching him, I got a lefty catcher’s glove one season and caught his games.