Radical Philosophy Review

An update on the Review:

1. We are now–or as soon as printing is done–caught up on issues. That’s meant publishing five issues this year, but there’s great articles in all of them, and great reviews. We did a combined volume 12, which weighs in, the last time I looked at my files, at 430 pages. Richard Jones and Anne F. Pomeroy guest edited that issue (and thank goodness, since at 430 pages, I needed all the help to look over pages when laying all that out). They have really delivered an excellent volume.

2. As of the next issue, volume 13, number 2, we have a different editorial board and have an editorial committee, on which I’ll be the fifth member, though with the same responsibilities. (Thus, no editor and assistants.) So, I’ll soon be emailing you to ask if you’d like to review a book. Also, are there books you don’t have time to review but would like to see? Just let me know. All it takes is one vote and that usually does it.

3. I’ve attached a Call for Articles. Not only do we manage to get good peg people for articles, we also really work with the less-than-tenured on articles. In the last issue, it would be hard to summarize all the different philosophical themes taken up, so if you’re writing on it, it’s likely to find someone on committee that is interested. And if you want to just send it along my way, I’d be glad to look at it and if needed, offer a suggestion or two (usually I say, “stronger intro, please, for people who don’t know X thinker”), and then send it along. I won’t post my email here, but it’s easy to find…