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1. Shaviro is up with a citation from Whitehead, which I presume is in response to Scu’s discussion of anthropomorphism.

2. Someone bought a kid in my neighborhood a vuvuzela. This raises all sorts of questions about cultural differences, the difference between nodding to these differences and simply commodifying them, and… hey, can we knock it off, I’m trying to work over here….

3. There’s been a lot of good online discussion recently surrounding the G-20. Basically, right wing economists have, without any empirical evidence that I can see, been pushing austerity measures. Various people not on the cooky right have been critiquing this online. But the most incisive line on this: Brad Delong’s Duncan Black’s [A/k/a Atrios] quip,

And Speaking Of Bond Vigilantes: 10-Year Treasury dropped below 3%. Quick, fire some teachers!!!!

(Meaning, there’s zero evidence that debt levels are raising any sorts of problems for the government sale of bonds. By the way, when was the last time it was a US president pushing Europe to be less right-wing? We are at 10% unemployment and it’s treated as the new normal…)

4. Paul Ennis is up with his TOC for his manifesto on Speculative Realism. You know what he might appreciate? Write him to let ask him to cover your favorite esoteric topic, while gettting all indignant. Why doesn’t Ennis have something on SR and, I don’t know, eco-Marxism or the problem of evil? Surely a failure of imagination…

5. In light of the recent loss in the World Cup (and so much else), the Onion notes,

U.S. Dignity Reserves Nearly Depleted

If you get indignant over this, does this mean you show more or less dignity?

6. Can we feed the children? Yglesias is up with a post about school lunches, which is really under-discussed. Junior goes to a school where basically so many kids were on free lunches that they just made it free for everyone (including Junior, who has much of a fondness for school lunches than I ever had). But now the summer’s here, and these worries don’t go away: many of these kids have parents who simply don’t have the means to provide the necessary meals for their kids. But it’s summer, so I guess the kids don’t like to eat… Or, as Yglesias puts it:

Conservatives for Malnourished Children

Living in CA, where we really have some nutty conservatives (take that Arizona! And what happened with Texas on this front in recent years? They’ve really fallen on the ball here) I think I’ve may have seen this bumper sticker…

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