Bennett Reading Group

I though I would try to list the offerings thus far in the Bennett reading group. I’m sure I’ve missed some, so if I have and you spot this, let me know that I have (I know I’ve read more posts than below…so it’s not a slight.)

Vibrant MatterThe Overview. (Gratton)

An Interview with Jane Bennett (the author of Vibrant Matter).

Preface: Gratton

Chapter 1, Gratton on Section I.
Chapter 1, Gratton on Sections II-V.
Chapter 1, Gratton on Section VI.

Chapter 2: Critical Animal here here and here. Also, Adrian Ivakhiv.

Chapter 3: Critical Animal here and here. Also, Adrian Ivakhiv and Ben Woodard. See also Electrate Professor.

Chapter 4: Critical Animal

Chapter 5: Woodard and Critical Animal

Chapter 6: Anthony Paul Smith.