Worth citing every once in a while

My respondent at the EPTC last week, Lindsay Lerman, discussed, apropos Agamben’s work, the potential politics of silence. (Perhaps all my respondents just hope for any silence they can get…) Here I’ll cite a quote from Heidegger that I just came across while looking at BT for something else:

“Keeping silent is another essential possibility of discourse, and it has the same existential foundation. …Speaking at length [Viel-sprechen] about something does not offer the slightest guarantee that thereby understanding is advanced. On the contrary, talking extensively about something covers it up and brings what is understood to sham clarity—the unintelligibility of the trivial. But to keep silent does not mean to be dumb. On the contrary, if a man is dumb, he still has a tendency to ‘speak.'” (208/164).