Homophobia a Western Export?

This short article (which I saw linked on some site, but I can’t find that first link…) argues that a specific type of homophobia is an American export to certain parts of Africa.

Usually, we read about how “traditionalist” societies export their homophobia to parts of the West, but that misses the cultural distinctions at work, and the fact that Westerners with quite a bit of money are using that money to foster homophobia in other parts of the world: there’s no doubt of course that you won’t find indigenous LGBTA meetings in Zambia. But one also needs to take into account the way in which Western homosexuality is indeed quite Western and one often goes wrong comparing women partnered marriages in Nigeria (allowable if one of the woman has been widowed and has property) to such coupling in the US, just as one would go wrong to compare Socrates’s relationships to any contemporary models of love under the heading of homosexuality. In any case, thanks to various American Christian groups for exporting a virulent homophobia. How Christian of you!