Bennett Reading Group: On to Critical Animal

Tomorrow, Critical Animal takes over as the pivot point for discussion of Bennett’s Vibrant Matter. I’ll post here (and there) my thoughts on these chapters, and I look forward to what Scu and others have to write about those chapters.

Here are many of  the links thus far:

Adrian Ivakhiv on “Thing Power.”

Stuart Elden on Bennett and the history of ideas.

James Stanescu on “Enabling Instrumentations.”

The schedule:

May 23-29
Host blog: Philosophy in a Time of Error (Peter Gratton)
Under discussion: Preface & Chapter 1, “The Force of Things” (and overview/interview).

May 30-June 5
Host blog: Critical Animal (James Stanescu)
Under discussion: Chapters 2 and 3, “The Agency of Assemblages” and “Edible Matter.”

June 6-12
Host blog: Naught Thought (Ben Woodard)
Under discussion: Chapters 4 and 5, “A Life of Matter” and “Neither Vitalism nor Mechanism.”

June 13-19
Host blog: An und für sich (Anthony Paul Smith)
Under discussion: Chapters 6 and 7, “Stem Cells and the Culture of Life” and “Political Ecologies”

June 20-26
Host blog: Immanence (Adrian Ivakhiv)
Under discussion: Chapter 8, “Vitality and Self-interest,” and the book as a whole (final overview).