Tim Morton on Hyperobjects

Jane Bennett in her interview reference Tim Morton’s work on “hyperobjects,” and I just found some great links to some of his work online. When I don’t feel like reading later, I think I’ll be looking at that youtube lecture on “beautiful soul syndrome”…:

An essay in the Danish journal ReThink on global warming and ideology.
“Creativity in the Face of Climate Change” (mp4)—full UCTV video. (YouTube)
“Ecology, Ideology, Politics” (Duke U).  Duke
“Beautiful Soul Syndrome” (UCLA). (YouTube)
“The Ecological Thought,” Lecture and Q&A at Cambridge University (2008). Get the lecture
Literature and the environment class (iTunes U).
Romantic Circles blog on ecology and culture.
Science article on green videoconferencing.
Slavoj Zizek on Ecology without Nature