Virtue Ethics

I’m teaching Aristotle for the next couple of days. So bravery is on the menu. Here’s a good counter-example. When I read stuff like this, I wonder how the people who can’t seem to leave their homes without breathing deeply into their knees somehow manage to trump the public discourse in terms of discussions of the manly virtues.

Perhaps the biggest lesson for airline security from the recent incident is that we must overcome our tendency to be reactive. We always seem to be at least one step behind the terrorists. They find one security gap — carrying explosives onto a plane in their shoes, for instance — and we close that one, and then wait for them to exploit another. Why not identify all the vulnerabilities and then address each one before terrorists strike again?

Or why not read comic books and dream superman might be real? (Oh right, his name is indeed Clark Kent Ervin…wonderful stuff) “All the vulnerabilities”? What a fearful little man. And former inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security.